A New Approach to Maintenance and Inspection: Downstream Gets a Virtual Reality Makeover - Vincent Higgins : Optech4D

Vincent Higgins Low Res

Vincent Higgins - Optech4D


A New Approach to Maintenance and Inspection: Downstream Gets a Virtual Reality Makeover

In this presentation, Vincent Higgins, CEO of Optech4D, will speak about how virtual reality is reshaping the world of maintenance, inspection and turnarounds in heavy industries, particularly Oil and Gas. He will discuss specific use cases, and will share best practices for the implementation of next generation Smart Glasses. Field technicians, taking off their safety glasses and putting on Smart Glasses, will have all of their procedures, schematics, checklists, and CAD models, floating around their head as they do their work in the field. Virtual reality training will be done on Smart Glasses, bringing together training and operations in the same platform, following the notion “work as you train, train as you work”.

Interactive 3D and Immersive Training for the Energy Market - Frank Botdorf : EON Reality

Frank Botdorf - EON Reality


Interactive 3D and Immersive Training for the Energy Market

Demographics show that a large number of experienced individuals working in industry will retire over the next few years resulting in a severe knowledge and experience drain in the workforce. These experienced workers need to be replaced with highly skilled individuals.
Conventional training systems will be put under a lot of pressure to get these new workers trained quickly while maintaining high safety performance and plant reliability. Normal classroom and “on-the-job” training are insufficient to get these new workers assimilated into the workforce in a timely manner. A 3D immersive training platform linked to a plant computer simulator is a major improvement to the way training is done. ExxonMobil Research Qatar and EON Reality Inc. partnered on a research project with TSC Simulation to develop this innovative patent pending training technology.

Journey of a VR Healthcare Startup - Joowon Kim : OnComfort

Joowon Kim

Joowon Kim - OnComfort


Journey of a VR Healthcare Startup

Joowon will discuss the journey of Oncomfort Inc. as a new VR startup in Houston, TX, and what it was like to be going from boot strap mode to successfully creating original content apps making B2B sales. She will discuss the importance of IP, abiding by FDA regulation, media relations, and what it was like to create a company in the healthcare industry coming from the entertainment games industry.
The audience will gain knowledge as new entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders, and game industry professionals about serious games and Virtual Reality development.

Design and Sell Physical Products using Augmented Reality - Jean-Francois Chianetta : Augment

JF Headshot

Jean-Francois Chianetta - Augment


Design and Sell Physical Products using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality changes how product are designed and sold. By limiting the need for physical prototypes and letting anyone in the company access an augmented version of a product, it creates the smoothest path from the initial idea to the product distribution. Augment is the platform holding that whole cycle together. During this session you’ll learn how to build and sell products with AR through real world examples and best practices.

Virtual Reality and the Future of Work - Kedrick Brown : Our Virtual Future


Kedrick Brown - Our Virtual Future


Virtual Reality and the Future of Work

Virtual reality experiences will dramatically increase in quality, quantity, availability and affordability over the next few decades. As people increasingly substitute virtual reality experiences for purely “real world” ones, many business models and jobs will likely be rendered obsolete. Fortunately, virtual reality technologies have the potential to create an entirely new class of jobs that should be able to replace jobs that are no longer needed. In this talk I will explore how this new class of jobs is likely to arise and why jobs located in virtual reality environments may comprise a significant portion of future employment.

Overview of NASA EVA Virtual Reality Training at JSC, Past, Present and Future - Eddie Paddock : NASA


Eddie Paddock - NASA JSC


Overview of NASA EVA Virtual Reality Training at JSC, Past, Present and Future

This talk describes the past, present and future of Virtual Reality based EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Topics include a brief history of JSC’s VR Lab, current VR technologies and commercial products that are being used at JSC, and future work for ground and onboard space related VR training.

"Invisible": Demystifying the close relationship between VFX and VR - Chris Healer : The Molecule

Chris Healer

Chris Healer - The Molecule


"Invisible": Demystifying the close relationship between VFX and VR

There are reasons why VFX isn't talked about much when we talk about Virtual Reality - on the surface, it's not as cool as the latest headset, not as jaw dropping as the latest video game, not as groundbreaking as the latest camera rig. Indeed, for many in the VR industry (just like the TV and Film industry) Visual Effects seem to exist in a world that is complicated, mysterious, and way too technical.

Chris Healer, CEO and Partner at The Molecule, has recently built a Virtual Reality department within a company that has built its foundation on Visual Effects and Animation. Fresh out of post for two hit projects, one for Conan O'Brien at Comic Con International and the second a scripted series called "Invisible" for Doug Liman, Chris has established himself at the nexus of VFX, VR, and Animation.

Using "Invisible" as an example, in this session Chris will peel back the layers of how VFX integrates with VR. With clear examples from the cutting edge project, he will discuss rotoscoping & painting in VR space, integrating CG elements & live-action elements such as fire, compositing in stereo, and everything in between.

The audience will leave with a better understanding of the important role of VFX within a VR project, and how a Visual Effects team can take any Virtual Reality experience to the next level.

VR and Multimedia in Architecture - Matthew Vitti : TCA Architect

Matthew Vitti

Matthew Vitti - TCA Architect


VR and Multimedia in Architecture

This talk will cover various new VR, AR, and rendering technologies that allow those involved in a project to perceive the “feel” or scale and sense of a space, virtually. We will discuss implementation and how these various devices can improve workflow and overall project efficiency, right down to the number of meetings that occur.

ITC Visits the NASA VR Lab

On Thursday July 7th myself and some of my fellow ITC organizers were privileged enough to get a chance to meet with Eddie Paddock, Evelyn Miralles and the rest of the team at NASA's Integrated EVA/RMS Virtual Reality Sim Facility, or VR Lab for short. We discussed the team's involvement in this year's Immersive Technology Conference and they were gracious enough to give a tour of the lab itself along with some of their equipment. The highlight of their lab, at least for me, is the simulators they have dubbed Charlotte (due to the web of wires that are attached to the metal box in the picture below).


They also utilize custom made hand tracking and custom built headsets for this simulator (Show below).


The feeling of floating in space around the space station is incredible and I am eternally grateful to the team over at the VR Lab for this opportunity.  Below is a gallery of additional pictures from our visit.

  • From left to right: Kevin Olson, Eric Liga, William Golden, James Mireles