On Thursday July 7th myself and some of my fellow ITC organizers were privileged enough to get a chance to meet with Eddie Paddock, Evelyn Miralles and the rest of the team at NASA’s Integrated EVA/RMS Virtual Reality Sim Facility, or VR Lab for short. We discussed the team’s involvement in this year’s Immersive Technology Conference and they were gracious enough to give a tour of the lab itself along with some of their equipment. The highlight of their lab, at least for me, is the simulators they have dubbed Charlotte (due to the web of wires that are attached to the metal box in the picture below).


They also utilize custom made hand tracking and custom built headsets for this simulator (Show below).


The feeling of floating in space around the space station is incredible and I am eternally grateful to the team over at the VR Lab for this opportunity.  Below is a gallery of additional pictures from our visit.

  • From left to right: Kevin Olson, Eric Liga, William Golden, James Mireles